Index of active ingredients

Hibiscus have been shown to decrease blood pressure, reduce body fat, improve metabolic health, protect the liver, and fight cancer cells.
Properties include anti-hypertensivity, anti-dyslipidemic (cholesterol and triglycerides), hypoglycaemic , body fat mass reduction, nephroprotective, anti- anaemic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory; these effects are associated with phytochemicals found in Hibiscus. 

Star Anise 
A source of the precursor molecule, Skikimic acid, used in antiviral medication for various influenzas.
Star anise contains a number of properties such as antioxidants, antimicrobials and is anti-fungal. Used to treats parasitics, insecticidal and anti-inflammatory conditions.

Molecular Hydrogen 
Molecular hydrogen is a gas molecule compressed with magnesium in tablet form and soluble in water.
It has therapeutic and preventive effects on various organs. It activates Nrf2 and HO-1, which regulate many antioxidant enzymes and proteasomes. 
Hydrogen maintains genomic stability, mitigates cellular senescence, and takes part in histone modification, telomere maintenance, and proteostasis. Hydrogen may prevent inflammation and regulate the nutrient-sensing mTOR system, support auto phagocytes, apoptosis and mitochondria functions, which are all factors related to ageing.  

Nano Soma 
Nano Soma binds to Vitamin D receptors to stimulate the immune system, and inhibit a variety of disease processes.
It enables the body to make Vitamin C endogenously, enhances wound healing and improves skin texture for long-term skin health.

Levigated Pearl Powder 
Pearl powder derived from conchiolin, a protein made of 17 amino acids. 
In the beauty world, it is claimed that conchiolin hydrates the skin and rebuilds collagen. Amino acids are building blocks which humans cannot produce themselves. 

Polygala Root 
The compounds and extracts isolated from Polygala root posses wide-ranging pharmacological activities, such as neuro-protective, anti-depressant, hypnotic-sedative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and anti-arrhythmic effects amongst others.
Used in traditional Chinese medicine for improving cognitive function. 

Desert Cistanche 
The active ingredients isolated from Herba Cistanche have three main biological functions: improvement of brain function such as ability to learn and memorize, immune-boosting effects, prolonging lifespan and an aphrodisiac effect.