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a taste of the seasons dinner

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February by Louise and Thomas Køster
a 5-course dinner
Thursday 2 and Friday 3 February from 19:30
Menu, subject to change
1- Daikon with fresh goat's cheese, trout roe, samphire and watercress
2- Baked beetroot with cream, arugula oil and salted egg yolk
3- Cod and Jerusalem artichokes with black garlic mayo
4- Fried Delica Pumpkin with onion compote and spinach
5- Rhubarb from Yorkshire – pickled – baked and as fromage

Selected natural & artisanal Wines by Ancestrel available by the glass & bottle on the evening.
100% Organic, Low Intervention, Zero Additives, Biodynamic and Sulphite Free Wine.

Low-carb and gut-friendly

Our roots are firmly planted in the world of low-carb foods, to help reduce inflammation in the body – which is the major player in most of today's diseases. Health always comes first in the foods we develop and we source our ingredients based on the benefit they bring to your body.

You can trust us to steer clear from using sugars (no dates, no coconut nectar, no agave) and only include healthy sweeteners where truly necessary. Nature is tasty enough as it is!

We off-set CO2 with Climeworks

Climeworks has developed an incredible direct carbon capture technology, which turns CO2 into stone. We donate part of our profits to their cause on a monthly basis to help decrease our own footprint and eventually operate as a carbon negative company.

Our suppliers are the heart of Klear Labs

From Natoora, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Origin Coffee, Assembly Coffee to Orchard Biodynamic Eggs, Mora Farm and more. We choose our suppliers carefully for their sustainable and regenerative farming practices, seasonality, B corp credentials, and flavour-packed ingredients.